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AEGIS - Security Integration Software Use Case: Airports

The goal of our flagship software, Aegis, is to give monitoring operators a product that is much simpler to use but, at the same time, empowers them to do more. KapLogic is delivering on that promise. Aegis is THE leading software platform that integrates disparate systems into one unified system for the security industry. What it does is unite all the distinctly separate systems and sensors of a comprehensive security solution - such as access control, video surveillance, intrusion detection, intercom, fire safety, data protection, and more – into one seamless management platform. The benefit to security personnel and monitoring operators is that it gives them one remarkably simple-to-use physical security information management solution that is customizable to their specific needs.

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How to Reduce Costs of Implementing a Fully Integrated System Operating on a Single Software Platform

The capabilities of modern physical security systems are amazing. New technologies have paved the way for delivering unprecedented levels of protection for organizations everywhere. However, the costs of implementing a fully integrated security system that operates on a single integrated software platform seem seriously out of reach for many.

Countless facilities are still dependent on their legacy security systems and fear that upgrading to new technologies could break their budgets. But fear not – because our Aegis software solution can do all that heavy lifting at a price that doesn’t break the backs of security budgets. That’s because Aegis unifies all the distinctly different and disparate systems and sensors found in many user’s security solutions and integrates them into one seamless management platform. And that includes various video surveillance, access control, intrusion detection, data protection systems, and more, even if they’re all manufactured by different companies! The ability to fully integrate these systems affordably with Aegis is helping so many end users stay on the cutting edge of their security strategies while dramatically cutting their costs.

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Integrating Legacy Systems

There’s no need to leave your legacy behind! Legacy security system, that is. If you’re wrestling with the problem that your legacy system does not integrate with any other security systems, fret not! We at KapLogic have your solution.

Simply stated, security system integration means combining different security equipment so that they can all work together to achieve a higher level of efficiency and safety. These various components include burglar alarms, access control, and video surveillance. Together they deliver an ideal means of monitoring, managing, and protecting assets.

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AEGIS & Its Role in Reducing Operator Burnout & Turnover

The COVID-19 pandemic came complete with a whole host of consequences. The tragic loss of so many lives is obviously the saddest and most profound, but other pandemic-related problems also still loom large. Key among these is the ensuing labor shortages that have resulted – for various reasons. Thousands of parents, primarily women, left the workforce early on in the pandemic, as schools and day care facilities went into lockdown mode. The return to work has been slow, and Help Wanted signs are seemingly everywhere as employers continue to have challenges finding and keeping workers.

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Intelligent Integration in Transportation - Part 2: Unifying & Automating Thousands of Cameras

Countless monitoring station operators, especially those working in the fast-paced transportation sector, have come to rely on video display walls to help keep their control room operations running smoothly, swiftly and efficiently. That’s because video walls, when used in conjunction with local desktop monitors, empower operators with situational awareness and the ability to make educated decisions on the appropriate response to take to incidents.

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Intelligent Integration in Transportation – Part 1 Off-the-shelf Video Walls

Video display walls, when used with local desktop monitors, allow operators to collaborate on shared information to make educated decisions and take appropriate action. Those tasked with monitoring video feeds know well the benefits they deliver in control room applications and how they assist with operations running more smoothly and effectively.

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Overcome the Negative Impacts of Managing Disparate Systems

Enterprises of all kinds are facing more security threats than ever before. They recognize the need to implement trusted security solutions spanning access control, video surveillance, intrusion detection, data protection, and more. These safeguards not only protect people and property, but also an organization’s reputation and longevity. As security solutions become ever more sophisticated and complex, the need to integrate these disparate systems has never been more evident.

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Leveraging Social Media for Increased Situational Awareness

Enterprises are keenly focused on securing their people, property and data. They allocate budgets to adequately safeguard their premises, and invest in access control and video surveillance technologies to help them do so. And while these are critically important measures to implement, there’s another, very simple and cost-free way to increase their situational awareness of security risks developing outside of their facilities. And that is Social Media in general, and Twitter, in particular.

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Are PSIMs too Costly?

It does cost more money and time to add another piece of software to your existing system. So why do it? If the software is designed to create a unified security platform of disparate systems it just might make sense. Unifying disparate systems into one platform, using one graphical user interface, simplifies the operators experience and makes them more effective in securing the facility.

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